What Services Are Right For Me?

This is an excellent question, because when it comes to hormones, Dr. Keller does not use a “one size fits all” approach. From amongst the various choices available, most men and women do prefer to use a pellet for hormone therapy because of its superior consistent delivery. Pellets are convenient and do not carry a risk of transference of hormones to others. However, testosterone pellets are not for everyone and some people prefer other delivery methods such as creams or injections.

Not every woman will need or want testosterone. Some women may require estrogen replacement, as well as testosterone, or instead of it. The amount of hormone varies for both men and women; the decision is based upon individual needs. If Dr. Keller decides that bio-identical hormone therapy is appropriate, the patient is able to choose the treatment plan and it is usually done on that same day of the initial visit, including pellet insertion when that is the option chosen.

What Should I Expect At The First Visit?

At initial visits, Dr. Keller reviews symptoms and uses labs to set a course for therapy. The plan is based upon what is best for each individual. Dr. Keller also makes recommendations for nutritional supplements. The supplements that are recommended help improve the response to the hormone therapy and slow the aging process in the body.

What about the Expenses?

LiveAgelessly does not bill insurance companies for its services. However, Dr. Keller gives patients a “superbill”  for submission to the insurance company. This  “superbill” contains all the information the insurance company needs to process the claim and reimburse the patient directly. Many insurance companies will cover the costs of pellets in men, and a few will, in the case of women. The “superbill” is written to enable process of the claim and pay out to the patient; if the insurance company errs and sends a check naming Dr. Keller as the payee, a check is written to the patient for the same amount. Any reimbursement belongs to the patient, not Dr. Keller, because payment is always collected up front.

Unlike other hormone clinics that charge separate lab fees, we try to have insurance cover the cost of all labs.  Dr. Keller strives to use in-network lab companies, however we cannot guarantee that they will be covered. Saliva testing is generally not needed, but if a patient has a preference for saliva testing, it can be ordered. Saliva tests have separate lab fees and are not billed to insurance. We feel that blood work alone gives accurate hormone levels. We also have affordable lab fees for our uninsured patients.

Unlike other clinics, LiveAgelessly does not charge a membership fee. Our services are more a la carte and are tailored to meet the needs of our patients. Patients are seen initially more frequently, but usually after 2-3 months, they are stabilized. After that time they may require appointments 1-3 times a year, depending upon their individual needs.

Take the Testosterone Deficiency Questionnaire on our Female Testosterone Replacement page for women, or on our Male Testosterone Replacement page for men, to see if you have symptoms of testosterone deficiency.