Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy

How Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy Works:

Even today, it is common for a person to either be unfamiliar with the facts of bio-identical hormone pellet therapy or to not have heard of it at all. Pellet therapy has been around since the 1930’s and is the most effective and the most convenient hormone delivery method available today. In order for a patient to receive treatment, bio-identical hormone pellets are easily placed under the skin with a small incision during a fairly short in-office visit; this procedure is usually about as pain-free as a simple shot would be. A large number of patients prefer pellets because they last several months once inserted. Over those months, the hormone pellet dissolves under the skin, slowly releasing a consistent amount of hormone each day. Because the hormone is released spontaneously and continuously, pellets are the best at delivering and maintaining consistent hormone levels in the body. Most patients find scheduling pellet therapy every few months much more convenient than the alternative of either applying daily creams or gels or receiving weekly shots. Either they do not have remember the daily skin application of hormones and deal with those creams or gels, which can be messy, or they find it much easier to tolerate the much less frequent pellet insertion as opposed to weekly intramuscular injections.

Who is a Candidate for Bio-Identical Testosterone Pellet Implantation?

For those requiring testosterone supplementation, there are very few people who would not be able to qualify for pellet therapy. Pellet testosterone replacement therapy is best for men and women who prefer the superior consistency and exceptional convenience of the pellet delivery method. Testosterone pellet therapy lasts 3-5 months in women and 5-6 months in men. Treatment is based upon lab results, which help determine how much testosterone supplementation will be needed to restore hormone levels. Treatment is so safe, that even in women with a history of breast cancer, or men with a history of prostate cancer, testosterone can reliably be used. We do require a medical oncologist and/or urologist to agree with the use of testosterone in patients with such a history. If this is a concern, call our office for more information or to see if you are an eligible candidate for therapy.

Who is NOT a Candidate for Bio-Identical Testosterone Pellet Implantation?

People looking for an answer to behavioral, not physical, problems. Testosterone can not make you and your partner fight less, unless your fighting is due to the lack of sex, or some of the mood issues listed on one of our testosterone deficiency questionnaires, (see our page either on Female Testosterone Replacement or Male Testosterone Replacement). Testosterone can not work past, through, or beyond sexual abuse issues or marital discord. We recommend counseling, instead, for those who are having serious relationship problems. Testosterone can’t override severe strains in one’s personal life, such as a completely overwhelming job, major financial burdens, or devastating family issues, like child custody battles, bitter divorces, and the loss of loved ones. People who are under significant stressors will not get the same benefit from testosterone sexually. Testosterone is a hormone that can boost your desire for sex and improve your overall mood and energy level, therefore having a positive impact on you and your relationships; it is not a cure-all for all of life’s problems.

Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Not everyone requires the same amount or same delivery method of bio-identical hormone replacement. Dr. Keller understands that not all patients will want pellet therapy, some may prefer topical creams and others may prefer injections. At LiveAgelessly, the mission is to find and use the hormones and method of delivery that is the best match for the patient’s hormonal needs and lifestyle, whether it is pellets, creams, patches or oral pills. Dr. Keller uses what is best for the patient, and that ensures both well-being and satisfaction; thereby compliance with medical treatment is assured.

At Dr. Keller’s office, frequently before a patient’s first visit, blood-tests are ordered to measure testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, DHEA-S, PSA, thyroid and lipid panels in the serum. A patient’s treatment is based upon presenting symptoms, which are discussed thoroughly with Dr. Keller, as well as the lab results, which help determine the of correct amount of bio-identical hormones to administer based on existing hormone levels. At LiveAgelessly, the goal is to listen to each patient and treat the patient using laboratory results to guide therapy. Dr .Keller treats the patient’s symptoms first, and uses the labs to inform, not direct, therapy. The goal is to avoid excessive hormone levels, while relieving the symptoms which are impairing the patient’s life. As explained in depth on the Female Testosterone Relacement page, testosterone is available and extremely advantageous in pellet form. Estrogen is available in a pellet form as well, and is used in symptomatic estrogen deficient women with similar success as the testosterone pellet. Progesterone, DHEA, vitamin D, and thyroid supplementation is based upon test results, and most specifically, patient symptoms; administration options are varied.