Female Testosterone Replacement

The True Facts About Testosterone In Women:

Many women are unfamiliar with the use of testosterone. Testosterone has, for far too long, been thought of as a male hormone. Testosterone is not found exclusively in men. Women have it too, but the levels are one tenth of that which are found in men. Testosterone functions in women in many of the same ways as men, however, there are some slight differences in the symptoms and responses that women have, versus the ones that men do.

Testosterone plays a vital part in helping keep women feeling and looking smarter, younger, healthier, stronger, more vibrant and sexually active, when it is present in optimum levels in their bodies. It enables the brain to work better and think clearer. It also assists the bones to build, which decreases the risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis. Over time, testosterone actually improves the condition of skin, and can even give it a more youthful, attractive and appealing appearance. With testosterone alone- even without changes in diet and exercise- muscle tone improves and body fat decreases, although women who eat healthy and workout see the best results. Testosterone can significantly heighten the sensitivity of the skin, so that the intimacy of touch may become extremely appealing. Sexual desire can reach former peak heights, or even exceed them. In our practice, using testosterone pellets, we have seen several women become orgasmic again, and others, for the very first time in their lives! Many of our patients experience “G-spot contractions” with the pellet therapy, wherein they feel a gentle tugging sensation in the area of the G-spot. This often leads to the ability to attain orgasms via the G-spot, either alone, or in conjunction with clitoral orgasms; these are often the the strongest, longest, most intense orgasms ever experienced. All of these benefits are the natural results of  women having that all-important, optimal amount of testosterone in their system.

Testosterone pellets can be used alone, or with estrogen pellets. They are easily implanted under the skin in a quick, almost painless, in-office procedure that leaves virtually no trace after a short healing period. They provide a consistent release of the hormone over several months. Many women will feel that their overall sense of well-being is improved after going on testosterone hormone pellets, providing them with psychological as well as physical relief.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women:

The signs and symptoms of testosterone deficiency in women are often not recognized by physicians. Frequently, symptoms that women complain about are considered to be related to a mood disorder such as anxiety and/or depression. Often one of these is exactly the diagnosis that is made and women are unfortunately prescribed antidepressants, (virtually all of which have as their most common side effects both decreased sex drive and inability to orgasm), or anxiety medication, such as Xanax, (which can be addictive and has a similar risk of sexual dysfunction). Also common are prescriptions for sleeping aids, which are almost all extremely habit-forming.

Women who are low on testosterone can develop a sense of not caring about anything – just “existing’. Cognitive function begins to decline and women experience “brain fog”, with difficulty in remembering things and/or poor ability to concentrate. In menstruating women, these symptoms have nothing to do with the menstrual cycle and can occur at any time, even lasting all month long. Some women can present when they are still in their early twenties, with the primary, or even sole, symptom, being an extreme lack of interest in sex- in other words, a severely low libido.

Testosterone Deficiency Questionare:

  • Have you had a decrease in libido or sex drive…is your enthusiasm for romance and being intimate at an all-time low..do you just seem out-of-the-ordinary uninterested in sexual activity?
  • Are you having difficulty focusing during intercourse? (i.e. brain drifting and looking at the clock, thinking about menial tasks instead of actually enjoying sex)
  • Are you experiencing hot flashes and/or night sweats?
  • Are you having problems falling asleep, or staying asleep, or both?
  • Do you feel physically and mentally exhausted without justification?
  • Are you feeling in a slightly depressed mood with no specific reason or cause?
  • Are you frequently more irritable than usual, or do you cry very easily, whereas before you did not?
  • Are you experiencing vaginal dryness with enough frequency to cause you discomfort or distress?
  • Do you have less sensitivity in your vulva and/or breast nipples?
  • Are you having anxiety or feeling heart discomfort with palpitations?
  • Are you experiencing reduced muscular and physical strength without having changed your normal activity level?
  • Are you experiencing inexplicable joint and muscular pain?

Documented Impact of Optimizing Testosterone Levels :

Testosterone will “get your sexy back.” The following is a list of the indisputable results reported by Dr. Keller’s patients. These transformative changes occurred during the period following the insertion of a testosterone pellet, which restored the patient’s testosterone to optimum levels.

  • Significantly increased desire for intercourse
  • Return of vaginal orgasms and intensified strength of orgasms
  • Pronounced reduction in hot flashes and night sweats
  • Elevated brain concentration and memory
  • Mood enhancement
  • Heightened sense of over all well-being
  • Less agitation or irritation, with a better response to stressful events
  • Amplified desire for intercourse, providing necessary lubrication to resolve vaginal dryness issues
  • Significant weight loss, coupled with exercise and dietary changes
  • Improved muscular strength and endurance
  • More youthful appearance of skin, with diminished signs of aging
  • Relief of migraine or menstrual headaches
  • Decreased joint and muscular aches and pains