What Current Patients Have to Say…

I love going to the doctor… and I’m not crazy! This is the first occasion I’ve ever actually taken the time to write a review on ANYTHING, but I just had to do this because Dr. Keller has changed my life.

Not only is she incredibly fun to go see- talks to you like you’re her best friend, makes you laugh out loud and gives really good, personal advice- she’s the best physician  I’ve ever had. She truly takes time, listens and understands; so after seeing other specialists for the same problems and getting no relief, she was able to give me the help I needed.

I’ve had migraines since I was a teenager, and for the first time ever, Dr. Keller was able to find a natural way to help stop them. I went from a guarantee of multiple migraines monthly, down to having some months entirely migraine free!

She also addressed my secondary complaint of an extremely low sex drive, for which other doctors had basically said there was no treatment at all for women. The testosterone pellet Dr. Keller inserted not only helped my migraines but it also gave me an amazing sex drive and some of the most mind-blowing orgasms I never even knew I was capable of attaining. I actually feel better now at 40 then I ever have in my life, and I think my husband loves Dr. Keller almost as much as I do!

You just can’t ask for a better place to help with these kinds of issues-  Dr. Keller’s office is cozy but elegant, the employees are super friendly and kind, and Dr. Keller is the first and only doctor I hug and say I love you to… I’m so grateful I found her, her wonderful staff and my life-changing testosterone pellet!

Wishing everyone else the same good fortune,

-D. Phillips, Henderson, NV

On March 12, 2012 I had my first appointment with Dr. Keller. I was referred to Dr. Keller by a friend of mine who is also a patient. Prior to my appointment, I had lost all desire to have sex with my husband. I had lost all desire to initiate sex months before that and to masturbate. When my desire started to wane 6 months prior, I would have a couple glass of wine to loosen up and that was no longer working.

I was also very moody and negative, at work and home. I am normally a very happy person, so this was difficult for me and hard to control.

I had my blood work done prior to coming to see Dr. Keller and when I was in her office and heard the results, I was surprised to hear that I had no testosterone, but thankful that Dr. Keller could help. We talked about my options and she let me know that I could have a pellet inserted with testosterone and that because my levels were so low, I could also have a shot. I was so happy that this could be done.

Within 24 hours, my mood had changed significantly, so much so that my co-workers noticed. Within a couple of days I wanted to have sex again and within a week I was initiating it. My sex life has gotten so good, that I went from having sex once or twice a week without an orgasm, to having sex 3 to 4 times a week and enjoying it every time. I have amazing sex and I enjoy every part of it.


A. D., Las Vegas, Nv

Dear Dr. Keller,

Let me just say thank you, thank you so very much. Before I came to see you, I felt so horrible. I was like a 65 year old narcoleptic lady stuck in a 33 year old’s body. I was so tired and weak all the time. Sex seemed like a chore and I just couldn’t get in “the mood”. I thought I was going to catch fire from terrible hot flashes that I felt like were happening every 10 seconds. I was completely, mentally exhausted. But even as fatigued as every bit of me was, I couldn’t sleep well. I hated fighting with myself every day about which part of my life would suffer because I felt so terrible. Would it be my work, my family, my husband or myself that suffered?… I became more and more frustrated and disheartened.

Enter you, Dr. Keller. I called you based solely on your reputation and have never been happier. You took a look at my blood results and spent time with me asking me questions and listening to me. I didn’t feel like just another patient- I felt special.

A week after treatment… BOOM! I felt amazing: I remembered who I was, I had energy, I was happy, I was fun again! Within a month, there was no more struggling with deciding who was going to suffer, my work, my family, my husband or myself, because no one does-now I have the energy to take care of everything and enjoy it. Hot flashes? Poof. Gone. I slept well!! I became so much happier, all around, by feeling so much better!

My husband thanks you, too, Dr. Keller, now that he has a hard time keeping up with me. We are like kids again. I feel so darn sexy and confident and I know a lot of that comes just from having my energy and happiness restored. Again. Thank you so much for helping me get back to great!

– A. Williams, Henderson, NV

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